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10 Best-Selling Fashion Books on Amazon

You might be wondering, it was just last August 9th when we had the National Book Lovers Day, and now on September 6th, we’re supposed to be observing National Read a Book Day. What’s with all these bookish holidays, and what’s the difference?

The two special observances may seem similar, but National Read a Book Day is more about actually grabbing a book that you think you would like and spending the entire day reading it.

Here at Pi Style Boutique, we are always in love with fashion, so we might be picking up a fashion book for today. If fashion is something that also interests you, you might want to check out these top-selling fashion books on Amazon.

Survey of Historic Costume Phyllis G. Tortora and Sara B. Marcketti

If you want to know more about the roots of Western dress, from the ancient times up to the 21st century, Survey of Historic Costume is one of the most reliable reference books out there. Facts are presented in a very organized structure consisting of visuals, illustrated tables, and hundreds of photographs. This book will show you the role of dress from a larger and global perspective. It’s perfect for students or anyone who’s learning about the history of fashion.


Vogue: The Covers by Dodie Kazanjian

Vogue offers its most iconic covers over the past 125 years in one single stunning book. This is the magazine’s tribute to the tradition of beauty and excellence, so prepare your heart for the most beautiful cover art pieces as you flip through the pages.

Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty by Andrew Bolton

One of the most revered designers in the history of fashion, Alexander McQueen is considered as one the most provocative and influential geniuses of his generation. In this book, you’ll get to examine his entire career, right from the start of his own label up until the success of his London house. The book also features his most radical and most quintessential designs, which will surely ignite your own creativity and originality.

Kate Spade New York: All in Good Taste by Kate Spade New York

This is the perfect book to lounge with on Read a Book Day if you prefer something light, entertaining, and practical. This guide is filled with anecdotes, personal essays, how-tos, and even recipes that’ll turn you into the modern-day hostess everybody likes.

Tom Ford by Tom Ford

Tom Ford is another fashion icon worth reading about. This book is a reflection of his exceptional taste as a fashion designer, and it features a complete catalogue of his works for Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent. Every page will make you appreciate his ingenuity even further.

Chanel (Memoire) by Francois Baudot

Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel reinvented and introduced a modern concept of luxury during her time. She was truly a revolutionary designer who gave us the concept of understated luxe. This three-part volume features Chanel’s contributions to fashion, fine jewellery, and perfume.

Fashion: The Definitive History of Costume and Style by DK

Giving you a low-down on the evolution of fashion, this book is sure to capture the heart of every student of fashion in the world. It is a beautifully illustrated guide on the trends and developments in the clothing industry.

The Fashion Designer’s Textile Directory by Gail Baugh

This could just be the bible of dressmakers and fashion designers, as it features a comprehensive resource about the various types of fabric best suited for specific garments. The book details the qualities of each fabric type as well as other fundamentals in fashion design.

Vanity Fair 100 Years: From the Jazz Age to Our Age by Graydon Carter

This book will show you a century’s worth of iconic and groundbreaking fashion. Starting from the inception of Vanity Fair in 1913 up to the modern era, it offers a look at the world from the eyes of the magazine.

The Little Dictionary of Fashion: A Guide to Dress Sense for Every Woman by Christian Dior

Learn the tricks and secrets of style straight from the horse’s mouth. This handbook is a charming guide for every woman, covering a variety of topics ranging from how to tie a scarf to what to wear to a wedding. It’s a very valuable book that emphasizes three fashion fundamentals: simplicity, grooming, and good taste.


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