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10 Father's Day Activities Your Dad Will Enjoy

Make Father's Day a day he'll truly remember by planning an activity that he'll appreciate and have fun doing. This way, you can create a genuine meaning to the occasion and turn it into something personal.

Here are a few Father's Day ideas for different kinds of dad:

Beer sampling

Bring your dad to a local brewery or a wine tasting event. Lots of stores offering artisan or craft beer have been popping up, so finding one wouldn't be too hard. You can also have him go on a beer making workshop or tour for an inside look into how his favorite drinks are made.


Disconnect from the internet and spend time outdoors with your dad. Pitch a tent, start a campfire, reminisce on good ol' times. Go out there and make nice conversations and new experiences together.


Another simple way of bonding with your old man, fishing allows you to catch up with him and talk about random stuff. Make sure to find the best fishing spots in America so your time together will be even more worth it.


Travel with just your dad or with the whole family. Explore new places in the country or go overseas to know more about other cultures together. Try different cuisines and have enjoyable conversations with hearty meals.

Car show

If your pop goes crazy over cars, it would definitely be a great idea to bring him to car shows. Get in touch with local car clubs or ask around if there are any nearby show featuring vintage cars or the latest electric automobiles.


Hire a PGA instructor to give you and your dad some golf lessons. You never know, this might just be something that the both of you will enjoy doing together, and you might find yourself hanging out more often.


Is there a cause that's close to your dad's heart? You might want to organize a charity or volunteer event related to that. This gives you the opportunity to bond over a meaningful activity and to give back to your community.


Does your pop love to sing or simply listen to good music? Head over to a karaoke place or an outdoor music festival and bring some snacks, drinks, and a clean blanket.


Check out your local art museums or look for specialized collections or galleries that he might be interested in. Consuming art together is a good way of knowing more about each other.

Spa day

Who says dads don't appreciate a little bit of spa time? Treat him to a luxurious massage and let him be pampered with a professional shave and new haircut. He'll definitely feel like a VIP on Father's Day.



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