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Look: 11 Super Gorgeous and Functional Planners

Planners are great tools to keep us focused on our goals throughout the year and to remind us of important dates or events. There are also different kinds of planners that you can find, so you are sure to get something that suits your character, style, and needs.

Planners come in various designs — some are minimalist while others look artsy. You can choose among various sizes and layouts too. Here are some of the coolest and nicest-looking planners that we've found:

This simple elephant planner from Papercode is more than just your ordinary monthly and weekly planner. It also contains a mind map and vision board where you can visualize your goals and dreams to keep your inspired and motivated throughout the year. Free stickers are included too.

This Panda Planner has daily and weekly spreads where you can write your tasks and track your productivity. It also has a gratitude log, which lets you look back on the good things that happen every day.
This 5x8 planner is perfect if you're looking for something handy — one that you can easily stash in your bag and bring out during meetings. It comes in a simple and professional-looking design, so it doesn't attract much attention.
Nothing says classy more than this marble-designed planner, don't you think? And if you're more comfortable writing on spring notebooks, you'll definitely like this planner. The monthly and weekly spreads are spacious too, so you won't have to force yourself into writing smaller than usual.
And here's another version with a tropical vibe to channel the island girl in you! This planner, by the way, has monthly tabs making it easier for you to find a specific page. It comes with cover pockets at the front and back too.
The mustard yellow cover, salmon pink elastic band, and cute llama print — everything in this planner is just too cute. Plus, you get an inside cover pocket where you can put business cards, receipts, and other small papers you don't want to lose. Its 5x7 size easily fits in backpacks, totes, and most purses.
Moleskin is known for quality paper, so if you're the type of person who is particular with that kind of thing, getting this planner won't disappoint you. The Moleskin planner has a 180-degree lie-flat opening, so you won't have to place a paperweight on one side as you write on the other.
Much like Moleskin, Leuchtturm 1917 is another cult favorite because of its paper quality. This Bullet Journal edition is something you might want to try as it provides a very simple system of journaling. Find out how bullet journal works here.
This appointment planner by Spartina 449 comes in an 8x10 size and two different covers (Lotus and Pink Meadow). The golden spiral binder works wonderfully as it's sturdy enough to be tossed to and fro.
Spartina 449 also offers mini versions if you want something that can be brought anytime. These planners are 5.5x6.75 in size, and they have a ribbon bookmark and monthly tabs to find pages more easily. Despite its size, there's a lot of room for scribbling your ideas, jotting down gift lists and to-do lists, and many more.
Stay organized with the help of this tiny planner from Spartina 449. Its beautiful mermaid cover and gorgeously designed pages will surely make you reach for this winner.
Which of these planners do you like best? Click on the photos to know where you can get one!
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