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3 Apps for Checking Product Ingredients

As more and more people become conscious of what they’re putting onto their skin, what they’re ingesting, and what they’re using to keep their homes clean, it has become increasingly important to know which ingredients are harmful to humans.

Every now and then, a new ‘evil’ ingredient pops up and scientists warn people to steer clear of food, cosmetics, and cleaning products that contain such an ingredient. But knowing what ingredient to avoid is one thing, knowing which products contain these ingredients is another.

In order to ensure that you’re avoiding all those harmful ingredients, it’s time to look into mobile apps that can help you weed out products with bad ingredients from those made with only wholesome and safe ingredients.

EcoDiscoveries listed 3 apps for checking product ingredients in food, beauty, and cleaning products. As stated in their article, “the guide is meant to empower you to shop in a mindful fashion – giving you the lowdown on the most important ingredients to avoid in food, beauty, and cleaning products.

The apps they included, Think Dirty, Fooducate, GoodGuide, are all amazing at helping consumers check for the ingredient list on products and keeping them informed about the harmful materials contained in them and their potential effects on your health.

Want to check out more similar apps? Here are 3 more useful apps for checking product ingredients.

  1. Cosmetifique

Available for: iOS

For a measly $0.99, you can easily check if the beauty products you’re looking into buying are harmful for your health or the environment.

According to an article by TimetoCleanse.com:

“It lists ingredients in different colors to help you pinpoint what’s good, what’s acceptable, what’s not good, and what’s absolutely awful for you. It helps you verify the risks involved with each ingredient so you can make smarter beauty choices.”

  1. Detox Me

Available for: Android, iOS

What’s the best way to summarize what Detox Me is all about? The app description for Detox Me states:

“Created by passionate scientists at Silent Spring Institute, Detox Me provides convenient research-based tips to reduce your contact with these toxic chemicals.”

Detox Me can help you find harmful ingredients from products across six categories: Home, Food and Drink, Clothing, Personal Care, Cleaning, and Children. On top of that, you also get several DIY recipes to help you replace harmful commercial products with organic ones.

  1. EWG’s Healthy Living App

Available for: Android, iOS

EWG’s Food Scores database contains over 80,000 products, 5,000 ingredients, and 1,500 brands, so you can be sure that you’ll find plenty of information on the products you’re using and those you plan on purchasing here.

With EWG’s Healthy Living App, you just scan the barcode on a product and the app tells you that product’s EWG rating. You can then compare different brands of similar products and choose the best one for you.

Living healthy doesn’t have to be difficult. With the help of these apps, it will be so much easier for you to avoid harmful products and switch to healthier, greener ones.


Gladdys Garcia

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