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5 Candle Safety Tips You Should Know

Candles are pretty amazing as they can add a decorative touch and enhance the ambience in any room. However, it is also important to note the hazards of lighting one in your home. Hearing about fires caused by candles is not at all uncommon. That’s why Jim Bullock, the New York City Fire Department’s former deputy chief, suggests the use of safer alternatives like battery-operated candles.

The soothing aroma of real candles are hard — almost impossible — to replicate, though. If this is your main reason for lighting a real one, make sure to keep these safety reminders in mind.

Place it in the middle of a steady table.

Putting a candle on unsteady surface automatically increases the risk of fire. Check the table you’re going to use before lighting your candle and ensure that the candle is placed in the middle. With these simple measures, you can prevent the candle from falling over.

Make sure it’s nowhere near curtains and papers.

These items can easily catch fire, and even if it may seem impossible for the flame to come into contact with anything, a breeze or a draft could move a curtain or any light item onto it. This is another good reason why you should keep watch of a lit candle.

Never leave your room with a lit candle inside.

Keep an eye on lit candles so that you can take action if anything suddenly catches fire. If you need to leave the room even for just a couple of minutes, extinguish the flame — no ifs or buts.

Start with the farthest wick when lighting a multi-wick candle.

If you are using candles with more than one wick, it’s best to be careful and strategic as you light each wick. Begin with the one farthest from you and work your way forward. This way, your hand won’t be on top of open flames.

Don’t throw candles in the bin right after using them.

Never dispose of a candle immediately after using it — just wait it out for some time. In addition to that, do not let the candle burn all the way down. Ensure that it won’t come too close to the holder or container by extinguishing the flame when you see that only half an inch of wax is remaining.

Remember that lighting a candle should help in having a relaxed atmosphere. Make sure you are able to enjoy a peaceful time at home by doing a few candle safety precautions.




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