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5 Reasons Why Savvy Minerals Should Be in Your Makeup Kit

People have different reasons for wearing makeup. It could be a requirement at work, or it could be due to the confidence it lends to a person by enhancing her natural beauty. Whatever it is, the important thing is that it makes you feel good, and it doesn't harm your skin.

This is the expertise of Savvy Minerals by Young Living: highlighting natural beauty while ensuring your skin is taken care of.

In this day and age when there is an overwhelming array of makeup options, these are just some of the reasons why we think Savvy Minerals easily stands out.

Savvy Minerals is healthy

Savvy Minerals is basically mineral makeup, and pure mineral makeup is good for your skin. Unlike conventional makeup, they do not contain chemicals, oils, and other ingredients that could be harmful especially to sensitive skin or that could cause breakouts

Needless to say, mineral makeup is very safe for the skin because it only adheres to the body's natural oils and it doesn't penetrate the pores. It is also worth noting that makeup may also serve as a protection against free radicals. It can create a barrier between your skin and the environment, but this is only a good thing when it still allows your skin to breathe. Mineral makeup, specifically foundation, is able to offer this kind of protection while letting your skin breathe freely.

Savvy Minerals is versatile

Mineral makeup is much more versatile than conventional makeup. You can turn them into other products without worrying if they'll come out alright. For instance, loose powder mineral powder pigments can be used as eye shadow, eyeliner, blush, hair highlights, body shimmer, and more. Savvy Minerals' loose powder pigments have no additives, fillers, or dyes; you can be sure that the product is safe on your skin.

Savvy Minerals has long shelf life

This is definitely great value for money. A lot of cosmetic companies out there put fillers and additives in their products so that these products will go bad faster. Makeup by Savvy Minerals, on the other hand, do not have any organic material, so they don't harbor any bacteria. Hence, they have a long and stable shelf life.

Savvy Minerals prioritizes quality

Savvy Minerals makeup has very minimal ingredients, and the base ingredient of ots products is mica. Mica is often compared with talc. However, it pays to know that talc is typically used only as a filler even though it is in fact a mineral. It may also seem soft and appealing, but its adherence to the skin is nothing compared to mica. Talc tends to look cakey on the skin as well.

Savvy Minerals is long-lasting

Savvy Minerals does not only have long shelf life; they stay on your skin for hours too. Its makeup products are also highly pigmented, so a little amount goes a long way and gives you basic coverage. If you prefer extra coverage, you can opt to use a more concentrated amount of foundation after applying the mineral base. This lets you conceal problem areas or even out your skin tone.

If you haven't tried mineral makeup yet, it's time to give it a chance and save space in your kit for Savvy Minerals!


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