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5 Ways to Keep Your New Year's Resolutions

In a few days, the year will come to a close. And as another one opens up with promises of new experiences and opportunities, it’s the perfect time to reevaluate your choices in the past 12 months and review the changes that you have gone through and would like to make in the new year.

However, with all the New Year’s resolutions that people make, it’s not uncommon for some of these well intentions to fail as early as February. If you want to succeed in keeping your resolutions, here are a few things that will surely set you up towards the right path.

Choose a meaningful resolution

Isn’t it that for you to really work hard on a goal, it has to mean something to you? This is exactly what you need to remember when thinking about your own resolution. It should be meaningful — and doable.

You have to be realistic about it. Otherwise, you are merely indulging in wishful thinking. So instead of picking out a resolution that’s based on what others are telling you, come up with something that you truly like to do and be specific about it. For instance, if you want to shed some pounds, decide on how much weight you need to lose — then think about the “why”. Why do you want to lose weight?

Do it gradually

Create a plan and don’t shock yourself into doing your resolution in a haste. Be gradual about it. Consider “how” you are going to achieve your goal and draw up a timeline of the progress you need to make. This also goes without saying that it’s important to track your progress and reward yourself for every level that you have unlocked. This will definitely ease the pressure of carrying out your resolution and can even make the entire process more fun for you.

Learn how to jump over hurdles

Slip-ups and challenges are normal so you don’t have to panic when you feel that you’ve made a mistake or indulged too much with something that negates your goal. Just pick yourself up and continue with what you’ve started. Find inspiration to help you keep a positive outlook.

Find a resolution buddy

It’s not really necessary to get a buddy, and you don’t need to have the same resolution for your buddy system to work. What’s important is having someone whom you could turn to when the going gets tough. It also helps if you have some kind of accountability to another person.

Don’t be too hard on yourself

Again, challenges will crop up along the way, and you have to learn how to get over them. However, don’t beat yourself up if you have failed to overcome those hurdles or your resolution has been unsuccessful. You can always start over again and maybe try doing it a little differently. Assess the actions you’ve taken and think about what you have probably done wrong as well as the things you have done right. Create a new strategy on how to do good on your resolution and just keep doing your best.

Do you have a resolution in mind? We hope that these tips could help you.


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