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6 Laundry Mistakes You're Probably Making

You have probably been doing laundry for years. However, even though you've been performing this chore for a long time and think that you've mastered every step, these common errors may still crop up from time to time and result in unnecessary damage to fabrics and other laundry mishaps.

Ensure that your clothes will stand the test of time by avoiding these laundry mistakes.

Sorting only the lights and darks

Sorting is a basic step in the laundry process, and often you just stop at separating the lights and darks. However, if you sort your clothes further depending on how soiled they are as well as their type of fabric (delicate or heavy), you'll see that you are able to make your clothes look fresher after wash. This is because you are also able to use the right cycle for each category of garments.

Putting detergent directly on your clothes

There is a right order to loading the washing machine so that the detergent will be better distributed. Start by loading all your clothes first, then add water, and put in the detergent. Nevertheless, you'll have to do it a bit differently if you're using bleach. In this case, you'll have to fill your washing machine with water, then add in your clothes, and lastly put the soap.

Be careful in putting too much detergent as well. Excess suds may hold the dirt from the clothes being washed and get stuck in areas that may not be rinsed clean.

Rubbing stains too harshly

Always be gentle when trying to remove stains from your clothes. Furiously rubbing the stain can actually cause more harm than good as the fabric may possibly wear away. The better thing to do is to just dab and not rub; make sure that you're using a cloth too. Also, keep the stain contained in a certain spot and stop it from spreading by working your way from the outside in.

Over-using your dryer

Don't be so reliant on your dryer. If you're not going to use an item anytime soon, opt to air dry it instead. This is also the best way to go when drying delicate pieces as well as stretchy clothing. If you're going to tumble-dry, make sure not to overload the machine or over-dry fabrics.

Leaving zippers open

Close your zippers for the very practical and important reason that loose zippers can snag the more delicate garments or scratch the interiors of your washing machine. Ensure that bras are fastened properly as well so that they won't pull other fabrics in the load.

Skipping the filter and hose when cleaning the lint trap

Don't forget to empty the lint trap every after cycle. Lint can dangerously build up and clog the duct. Cleaning the filter at least once a year is recommended as well, and you can simply do this by scrubbing the filter with a toothbrush dipped in detergent. Rinse off the soap and let the filter air dry. Additionally, don't neglect the hose. Detach it from the back of the dryer once a year and use a long brush to clean the inside and push the lingering lint outwards.

These are very simple tips that you should observe and start incorporating in your laundry routine if you haven't done it yet. It would certainly mean the longevity of every garment in your wardrobe.


Gladdys Garcia

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