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6 Things to Remember When Choosing Your Wedding Dress

Shopping for your own wedding dress happens rarely. But while it is one of the most exciting parts of planning your big day, it can also prove to be challenging and overwhelming.

Nevertheless, you can easily conquer this task and find the perfect dress for you if you keep these things in mind.

1. Start your search around nine months before your wedding day.

While searching for the right dress may take some time, it is also important to consider the amount of time needed to make one. For instance, a designer gown typically requires six to nine months of lead time in order to ensure delivery and alterations. If you wish to customize your dress with beading, lace, and other modifications, your dressmaker will need even more time.

2. Be realistic when it comes to your budget.

Setting aside $1,500 for your wedding dress doesn't mean you can purchase a gown worth $1,500. Make sure to leave a portion of your budget for possible additional expenses such as alterations, tax, and shipping.

3. Find out which wedding gown silhouette looks good on you.

Know the different bridal gown silhouettes and do a quick search about what suits your body shape. There are six categories of wedding dresses based on their outline, and these are empire, ball gown, A-line, sheath, fit-and-flare, and mermaid. Try on a gown from each of these categories when you go shopping and see which silhouette looks best on you.  

4. Limit your shopping entourage during gown appointments.

It's great to have friends or family accompany you during gown appointments because you can look to them for their advice or opinions. However, make sure that you limit the people who will be going with you so that you won't be overwhelmed and confused with varying ideas. Select two to three of your friends or family members whom you think will be able to help you in making a decision.

5. Imagine how you want to feel wearing your dress.

Do you want to feel regal, sexy, modern, stylish, or traditional? Think about the story you want to tell through your dress. This will surely make it easier for you to choose the gown you'll be wearing on your very special day.

6. Take some snaps (if the boutique allows it).

Ask your gown consultant if you can take pictures while wearing the gown. This way, you can have a preview of how you'll look in that dress from different angles. No doubt, there will be lots of photos of you on your wedding day, so you might as well ensure that you look stunning in your dress.

Keep these reminders at the top of your mind when shopping for a bridal gown and you'll be able to breeze through the whole process. 


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