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7 Awesome Ways to Celebrate a Graduation

Graduating is such an important achievement that it's only fitting to mark this milestone in a meaningful or fun way. Whether you prefer to celebrate with a bang or in a simple fashion, these ideas will surely inspire you to do it in a special way.

Concert or music festival

For a lot of people, music has helped them cope through the most trying times in their lives. Being a student certainly has its ups and downs, so if there is a band or artist whose music has given you strength during rough times, it would only be appropriate to celebrate your graduation with their songs. Check if any of the bands or musicians who mean a lot to you are on tour; attend their concerts or local gigs and have fun.

Trip to a foreign country

Take an adventure to an exotic place or immerse yourself in a different culture. Traveling can expand your knowledge and prepare you in meeting new and various kinds of people. Whether you're entering college or will be working soon, the things you'll learn on your trip will surely help you become a better individual.

Road trip within the country

If going on an international trip doesn't fit your budget or you don't have that much time to visit other countries, doing a road trip by yourself, your family, or your friends will definitely be just as fun.

Pub crawl

Invite your college friends and simply have fun together. Be at your silliest; incorporate some games or other activities while you're on a pub crawl. Of course, this isn't suitable for high school grads, so you might want to be creative in coming up with your own version of a pub crawl.

Extreme sports

Try an extreme sport like sky diving, bunjee jumping, or whatnot. Take yourself to your limit and just focus on having the best time of your life.

Paint ball

Paint ball is definitely a fun activity to do with family or friends, and it won't cost as much as traveling to a different country or trying an extreme sport.

Giving back to your community

If you want to do something that will also benefit others, you can organize an event that aims to give back to your community. Volunteer at a local school, tutor students, or read at a neighborhood senior center — the options abound.


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