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7 Common Wedding Planning Mistakes You Should Avoid

Before worrying about things that could go wrong on your special day — because there's always a tiny possibility that small things won't go your way (so being prepared or spontaneous is a must!) — you should consider the other details that happen during the planning stage.

While it's normal to make mistakes, there are things you can do to avoid them and prevent yourself from being stuck in complicated or inconvenient situations. Here are a few helpful reminders that can contribute to smooth-sailing wedding planning months.

Blowing your budget for your wedding dress

Of course, you need to look the most beautiful woman on your big day. However, this doesn't mean that you should spend so lavishly for your dress. Deciding on a budget and sticking to it no matter what will help you not go overboard. Knowing the places where you can get the sweetest deals may also help in your search for the perfect dress. Additionally, don't forget to include shipping, alterations, veil, and wedding accessories among others when budgeting for a dress.

Sending save-the-date cards before booking any service

Wait for the confirmation from your officiant, venue, and other suppliers with regards to the date. Make sure that everything has been booked on that day and you're 100% sure it won't be moved. Also, ensure that your guest list has been finalized. Don't send out your save-the-dates too soon.

Ordering a dress two sizes smaller hoping it'll fit just in time for your wedding

Even if you're planning to lose weight for your wedding, you should still order a dress that's in your current size. Ending up with an ill-fitting gown is one of the most horrible horrors for any bride so save yourself from this kind of trouble. 

Doing everything by yourself

Do not carry all the responsibilities yourself; don't do all the planning yourself. Try to engage your partner and share even the smaller tasks to your partner, maid-of-honor, or bridesmaids. Hiring a wedding planner wouldn't hurt as well.

Freaking out over the small stuff

Didn't get the right shade of blue for the invitations or the flowers you were expecting for your and your bridesmaids' bouquets? Just chill. Make sure these little bumps don't get the best of you. Stay flexible and spontaneous. Having some sort of backup or being able to think quickly would do you better than sweating the small stuff.

Skipping a professional photographer/videographer

You'll surely regret not having nice photos and videos to look back to. If your budget permits photography and videography services, make sure to look for competent and reliable professionals. If you don't have enough budget for a full photo and video package, at least aim to hire a wedding photographer.

Hiring a friend instead of a pro

Your friend has an awesome Instagram feed — that's great — but that doesn't mean they are trained and experienced in taking wedding photos. Also, it might be best not to hire them so that your friends can enjoy the celebration without worrying about work


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