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7 Fun Date Ideas for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and if you have yet to come up with an amazing idea for the perfect date, we have a few suggestions that might give you a light bulb moment.

From chill nights to adrenaline-pumping activities, these date ideas surely got you covered.

Relaxing spa day

Since the 14th falls on a Wednesday, it's the perfect time to get yourselves a mid-week treat. Spend the entire day or your after-work hours at a luxurious spa and enjoy a soothing massage together.

If you're on a budget, you can organize a simple DIY spa at home. Craft your own body scrubs and massage oils and light up scented candles or diffuse your favorite essential oils for a relaxing atmosphere.

Netflix and chill

Binge-watch a new TV series or do a movie marathon — and of course chill. This would be perfect for couples who are really busy with work, and with Valentine's Day being in the middle of a work week, it can be tough to pull off a very grand date.

Nevertheless, spending time together and laughing over a hilarious comedy show would surely be nice. It would be a great change of pace for those who hustle hard every day.

Video game sesh

If you're both into video games and you want to avoid the crowds in restaurants, staying at home and spending the day playing your favorite video games would certainly suit you. Just take it easy and don't get too competitive with each other. Make sure that you're both having fun.

Music night

It's true that music can bring people together, so what better way to celebrate your love this Valentine's Day than with music? Go to a local pub that feature performances from bands and artists or find a concert near you that you can attend. If all the shows you like are sold out, grab the mic then and go on an all-night karaoke fun.

Nature walk

Walking offers a lot of benefits for your health, so this is a great alternative to stuffing yourselves with heavy meals or junk on Valentine's Day. Bring healthy snacks and salads on your nature walk and explore the woods. Distance yourselves from the rush of city life and relish each other's company.

Weekend getaway

Who says you have to celebrate Valentine's Day exactly on the 14th? Spend your pre or post-Valentine's Day weekend out of town (or country!) and know each other more as you travel and explore a new place. Try a new cuisine and take lots of Instagram-worthy photos or backpack into the mountains and revel in nature.

Rock or wall climbing

Take your Valentine's Day to a whole new level by rock or wall climbing together. You can opt for either an indoor facility or go outdoors — whichever is more convenient or more fun for you. Taking on challenges together is a precious opportunity to realize each other's strengths and weaknesses.

Depending on your interests or whatever floats your boat, plan things out for your Valentine's date and consider each other's preferences. This way, you can ensure an awesome time together.



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