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7 Jewelry Pieces for a More Powerful Meditation

Peaceful surroundings? Check! Comfortable clothes? Check!

Stunning accessories to make your meditation more effective and powerful? We got you covered!

Mala Prayer Necklace

Sustainably crafted by artisans, the Mala Prayer Necklace is composed of 108 beads that help focus your mind during meditation. This particular necklace is called Pradeen, and it is believed to calm anger and irritation as well as promote well-being.

Chakra Necklace

The Chakra Necklaces come in different cord colors, and this collection offers seven different pendants representing the seven chakras within the body.


Sanskrit Necklace

The Sanskrit Necklaces help you focus on your intentions. There is a wide range of pendants available in this collection, so you can surely find something that will suit your goal.

Stud Earrings

If you're someone who prefers earrings more than necklaces, you'll certainly love these stud earrings from Mala Prayer. Crafted in simple yet elegant designs, these earrings are sure to complement any outfit — which means you can wear them even outside your meditation space.

Chakra Bracelet

Basically the bracelet version of the Chakra necklaces, this collection boasts of a simple style that you'd surely adore. Their cords are available in other colors too.

Mala Bracelet

Also a bracelet version, the Mala bracelet collection offers an array of beautiful beads.

Tibetan Knot Bracelet

The Tibetan Knot Bracelet offers a more casual style that would fit your shirt-and-jeans outfit. Available in various colors, these bracelets are definitely nice to have.


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