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7 Rules to Keep in Mind when Cleaning Your Closet

It can get pretty difficult to let go of old stuff from your closet. Whether it’s your once-favorite pair of jeans or the splendid dress you wore only a couple of times or the pair of shoes you were never able to “break in”, there always seems to be some sort of attachment with these wardrobe pieces; you practically remain in denial that they no longer belong in your closet.

Add to that the fact that spring cleaning your wardrobe doesn’t really sound so appealing especially on a lazy weekend. So in your closet they stay to make the space even more cramped.

This shouldn’t be the case, though. No matter how hard it is to let go of clothes, shoes, and accessories, you must find the will to get started before these things gradually find their way out of your closet for lack of space.

Getting started with closet cleaning

There are really no hard rules when it comes to cleaning your closet, but here are simple guidelines for you to go about the process in a methodical and practical way.

  1. Find out if it still fits you and suits your style.

The first thing that you should check is if the clothes still fit you. Of course, what’s the point of keeping a piece of clothing that is no longer your size? However, if the answer to the size question is affirmative, you might want to follow up with the style question. Does this still suit your current style? If you find yourself going for basic and classic pieces, you might want to let go of clothes that were only in fashion at a certain time.

  1. Try everything on.

Clothes sometimes look different when they’re just on a hanger versus when you’re actually wearing them. Make sure to try it on before giving your judgment. Also, sometimes your taste in clothes change over time. A certain blouse may have looked stunning before, but upon trying it on now, you may no longer feel the same about it.

  1. If you haven’t worn it in two or three years, it’s time to say goodbye.

Unless it’s your wedding dress or a bridesmaid dress that you think you might still be able to repurpose and wear in other occasions, then by all means make sure to find proper storage where its condition can be preserved.

  1. Keep those with sentimental value.

Heirloom pieces that have been handed down to you or could potentially be handed down should have a special space in your home where you can store them safely. Take them out of your closet because their quality will likely diminish if you just let them sit inside your wardrobe over time.

  1. If damaged, consider if you’re willing to have it repaired.

You may notice “pilling”, missing buttons, or broken zippers in some of your old clothes. Decide if you are willing to make an effort to have them repaired or if it’s still worth saving. If you have similar pieces that are in good condition, you might just want to let the worn-out and damaged clothes go.

  1. If it still has a price tag and you’ve never worn it, you never will!

This usually happens with sale items that you were so happy to buy but never really got around to wearing. Guess what? If you never felt like wearing it for so long, you just never will.

  1. Make sure you feel confident in wearing it.

Again, the key is to try it on and see if you feel confident when wearing it. If the clothes are uncomfortable for you, they shouldn’t be taking up space in your closet.

Do you have other tips on closet cleaning? Let us know in the comments section!


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