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7 Unique and Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas

After picking out items to give to your loved ones and friends this holiday season, it's time to wrap these presents in fancy paper or boxes — because let's admit it, the outside may not matter as much as what's inside, but it still does matter.

Imagine the joy and excitement you'll see in the eyes of everyone who's going to receive your gift when they see that it has been carefully and thoughtfully wrapped. It will surely make them feel more special as you show them the effort in personalizing the package.

Of course, you don't need to spend a lot on packaging. You can create makeshift wrapping paper, ribbons, and boxes. Here are a few nifty gift wrapping ideas that you can try — without breaking the bank and by recycling old items.

Brown paper bags

Going to the supermarket for food and necessities has probably given you a pile of brown paper bags. Instead of throwing them out, you can use them to wrap your presents. Looks too plain? Feel free to use strings, punch decorative holes, and cut the edges to create cute designs.

Old shirts

This sounds a bit weird, but the result is definitely adorable. If you have old and damaged shirts that you're not using anymore and which you can't give away, use them to wrap your presents instead. If you have no such shirts lying around the house but want to try this idea, you can go to a thrift store and pick out clothes with basic colors or interesting patterns. Add a ribbon or a brooch to make it even look cuter.

Spare fabric

If cutting out and using old shirts as gift wrap left you with strips of fabric, you can use these to decorate your gift boxes instead of throwing them in the trash. Turn them into ribbons or decorations for the tags.

Cereal boxes

Turn the cereal boxes inside out (or not, if you're going to use something else to cover them or if it's okay with you that the cereal prints are showing) and use them as packaging for your presents. This may take a bit more effort because you may need to cut and shape the boxes in order to get sizes that are just about right for your gifts. Nevertheless, wouldn't you agree that this is a great eco-friendly gift wrapping idea? Find out more about it here.

Security envelopes

Yes, even security envelopes can be re-purposed into a stylish gift wrapping paper. You can use it to decorate your gift boxes too.


Newspapers or magazines also look good as gift wrapping paper, and they would surely be so appropriate for your book-loving friends.


Got a bunch of old maps at home or in the office? Gather them up and use them as wrapping paper for your gifts to your travel junkie friends. This would also work if you're giving presents that the recipients could use for their travels — talk about a well-themed gift!

Aren't you excited to try these gift wrapping ideas? By doing any of these tips, you can totally splurge on gifts and save on packaging!


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