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8 Ways to Wear White After Labor Day

Back when societal standards were much stricter and many frowned upon individuality, people made up all sorts of crazy rules when it came to clothing. One of the silliest is the rule about not wearing white after Labor Day.

Sure, white is a perfect color for summer, but you can still rock the color no matter the time of the year, or the weather!

Need some inspiration? Check out these eight ways to wear white after Labor Day.

  1. Cover up a floaty white maxi dress or jumpsuit with an oversized sweater to stay warm and still feminine.

  1. Pair a crisp white button down with a statement skirt and boots for a rock and roll look.

  1. What’s the perfect accessory to bring a white dress to the current season? Gorgeous thigh high boots!

  1. Crisp white trousers and a vibrant top is an amazing combo for all the holidays you will be attending during the festive season.

  1. Cami dresses are making a comeback! Slip on a cami dress over a comfy white t-shirt and pair it with a bold or dark lipstick for a season-appropriate look.

  1. A white fuzzy sweater is the perfect choice for when the weather starts getting more than just a little chilly.

  1. A chunky cable knit sweater plus white jeans is a killer casual outfit for fall. Top it all off with some nice leather boots and you’ve got minimum effort, maximum chicness.

  1.  What better way to break the silly no white after Labor Day rule than to wear an (almost) all-white winter outfit? This white, beige, and blush outfit can keep you warm and cozy during cold winter days.

No matter how you decide to rock a white outfit after Labor Day, the most important thing to remember is to forget about the silly, archaic fashion rules and just have fun!


Gladdys Garcia

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