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6 Reasons Why You Should Drink Chamomile Tea Before Sleeping

You've probably had nights when catching some Z's doesn't go so easily. Laying on your bed for hours waiting for sleep to finally visit you can be stressful. All of a sudden, all your worries creep inside your mind making you even more anxious.

Of course, this directly affects the quality of your sleep and ultimately your health. Sleep problems should be addressed soon; otherwise, you'll find yourself getting sick more easily and being more prone to eating unhealthy food.

So if you have not been sleeping well lately, drinking chamomile tea before hitting the sack might just be what you need.

Benefits of drinking chamomile tea before going to bed

Regularly drinking chamomile tea is known to build up in your system, so the more you drink it, the more it becomes as effective as sleep medication. Here are six important benefits of drinking chamomile tea before going to sleep:

1. Relaxes muscle tension

Too much stress and anxiety can make our muscles tense. By drinking chamomile tea, you can ease your muscle tensions and feel calmer. This helps in preparing your body for rest and improving your sleep.

2. Good for the stomach

 It can be really difficult and uncomfortable to lay in bed when you're having stomach problems. Chamomile tea is known to provide relief to digestive disorders, so drinking a cup before bedtime can ease your stomach cramps or constipation.

3. Detoxes the body

Chamomile tea helps your body to get rid of toxins, waste, and excess water. It effectively detoxifies your body, and in effect, this natural drink can stimulate weight loss as well.

4. Works great against inflammation

For people who are suffering from pain brought on by inflammations, chamomile tea will definitely be their BFF. This tea aids in increasing nitric oxide in the body, which relieves discomfort and pain caused by autoimmune disorders and fatigue.

5. Relieves PMS symptoms

Drinking tea on a regular basis helps reduce muscle cramps and irritability, two of the most common symptoms of PMS. Chamomile tea is known for having the ability to relax the uterus, so a lot of experts recommend drinking this before bed or a day before menstruation starts.

6. Enhances skin

Chamomile tea can do wonders for your skin too. Putting your face on top of a steaming pot of chamomile tea can help lighten your skin. Meanwhile, a used chamomile tea bag can be placed under the eye until it dries up. This will help reduce dark circles and puffiness, as well as give you a well-rested look.


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