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6 Best Yoga Classes Online

Yoga is a fitness activity that can be done by anyone — anytime, anywhere. It’s proven to do so much good on people’s health and wellness, and if you want to try and see if yoga suits you, you should definitely join a class or find an instructor to learn the different techniques and poses.

However, if there’s no yoga studio or gym offering yoga classes near your area, you can still opt to do yoga at home. There are tons of books and online videos that you could use to learn everything about yoga.

Check out these amazing online yoga classes that will surely help get you started.

Yoga on YouTube

YouTube is a good source of video materials if you’re learning or doing yoga by yourself. Whether you’re new to yoga routines or you want to do yoga for specific purposes, there’s bound to be a video that will work for you.

Beginner’s Morning Yoga Sequence
Brett Larkin’s morning yoga routine is perfect for those who want to start their day right. It’s a 15-minute sequence that aims to wake you up and balance your body. You don’t need to have any prior yoga experience to be able to do the routine, so it’s definitely beginner-friendly.
Yoga Fusion for Burning Fat
If you want to lose weight through yoga, this 20-minute routine by Jessica Smith will surely help you achieve your goal. It has a faster-flowing sequence than the typically relaxing yoga routines; expect to sweat out and burn your unwanted fat. Take note, though, that this yoga sequence is best for those with prior yoga experience.
Yoga to Relieve Stress and Tension

Keep your calm and drive any negative vibe with this stress-relieving yoga routine. It’s a full 30-minute workout that will make you feel brand new at the end of the session.

One-Stop Shops of Yoga Classes

Relying on random videos on YouTube can sometimes make it hard to find order in your routine. There is no structure or a streamlined program that will make learning gradual and systematic. Apps and websites specifically offering a wide array of videos and tutorials on anything yoga might better work for you.


Gaia is an app that lets you stream over 8,000 videos that will guide you on your journey. It does not only teach you to work on your physical fitness. The app gives you a vast resource of information on how you can lead a conscious life; it helps you transform your mind and spirit as well. Gaia is a paid service with affordable plans, but you can get a trial period before committing to the monthly costs.

Be More Yogic

Be More Yogic is an online yoga video platform where you can follow different instructors and watch their classes for free. You simply need to sign up on the website in order to access these yoga videos. However, if you want to unlock more yoga videos and be able to download and watch them on different devices, you can pay for premium membership at an affordable price.

Do Yoga with Me

Do Yoga with Me boasts of a vast library of yoga videos that are categorized according to their difficulty level. There are classes for beginners and intermediate yogi, and you can also learn various yoga styles such as Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Kundalini, and Ashtanga. Do Yoga with Me offers free membership, but you can get a paid version if you want access to exclusive content.

While joining a class is the most recommended way to learn yoga, you can still get the best out of online yoga classes. Find reliable videos and other credible resources that work for you and you’ll surely do well.


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