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Candles vs. Oils

We all love a nice-smelling aroma in our homes, but of course, not at the expense of health risks. Scented candles have been part of so many homes for so many years, but you will probably want to switch to diffusing essential oils once you’ve learned about the harmful effects and substances that can be found in candles.

No doubt, your candles may be doing a great job at keeping your home smell good. However, there may be a ton of things you didn’t know about them — mostly bad ones that could affect your health.

In this article, we have matched up candles against essential oils to know which is the better product between the two.


Candles smell nice, and a lot of them are really beautifully made. They function to make your home smell good, and they can be used as decorations as well. However, you should note that their scents are typically made from synthetic chemicals.

  • Phthalates are often found in scented candles, and they have been linked to allergic reactions and other asthma-related problems. Moreover, these are also known to affect people's reproductive, immune, and central nervous systems.
  • Paraffin is a petroleum byproduct, and it is found in many candle bases. According to the American Lung Association, candles release carcinogenic chemicals into the air when they are being burned.
  • Lead is usually found in the wicks of imported candles, and it can be released into the air as well.
  • Benzene, a toxic chemical, is a known carcinogen. It can also be emitted by candles through the air.
  • GMO, or genetically modified organisms, can be also be found in candles. According to reports, 98% of soy produced in the US are genetically modified. Moreover, soy is sometimes combined with paraffin to make candles. With this in mind, it's best to go for candles that are labeled as 100% soy.

These chemicals can be considered as harmful as cigarette smoke or the fumes of a car exhaust. Needless to say, scented candles actually reduce the quality of air you're breathing at home.

Diffusing essential oils

There really is no downside to using essential oils as long as you are using them properly and moderately. Some of the advantages of diffusing oils are as follows:

  • Diffusing oils helps purify the air in your home.
  • It increases oxygen availability in your living spaces making breathing easier and lighter.
  • It supports respiratory and immune functions.
  • It contributes in your body's ability to carry oxygen and other nutrients to your body cells.
  • It can boost your mood and uplift your spirits.
  • It helps improve concentration and mental clarity.
  • It promotes restful sleep so you can feel energized for the next day.

Clearly, these are amazing benefits from diffusing oils, which makes it a better option than burning candles.

Nevertheless, this isn't to say that we should completely shy away from using candles in our homes. There are times when diffusing won't just work — for instance, during Advent or Hanukkah. Oil diffusers can't simply take over since candles bear a special significance in these occasions.

With that in mind, you should exercise caution in selecting candles that you're going to use. And remember that for everyday use, diffusing oils would be a better and healthier option.


Gladdys Garcia

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