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Capsule Wardrobe Ideas for Expectant Moms

Getting pregnant is definitely one of the greatest blessings anyone can have in their life. Nevertheless, pregnancy can also be a difficult and uncomfortable time considering the significant changes that you have to go through. Your diet and your lifestyle will be different as your baby bump becomes bigger every week.

The physical changes that occur during these nine months of carrying a human inside your belly are no small thing. There may be days when you feel that you're not looking your best and picking out clothes becomes a stressful process.

Enter capsule wardrobes and dressing up even when you're preggo becomes fuss-free! Check out these these four amazing blogs and draw inspiration from their capsule wardrobes for expectant moms.

Creating a flawless and practical maternity capsule wardrobe

Blogger Erica of Aiming for August lists down the essentials that you should have for your "beautifully blossoming body". She recommends having three to six tops and only one pair of jeans.

Maternity jeans can be expensive, so a pair is already enough especially when you won't be going out much during your pregnancy. Besides, you can fill your capsule wardrobe with two to three dresses and other bottoms such as leggingscaprisshorts, and maxi skirts (get a pair for each of these).

Building a killer capsule wardrobe

On her blog, Louise of Handy Little Me shares writes the key pieces of a killer capsule wardrobe. Her recommendations don't differ much from Erica's, but she suggest adding a little black dress that you can comfortably wear in the office and easily glam up in the evening to your list of must-haves.

Apart from that, she also says that tunics and floral prints are sure to add color to your wardrobe. Additionally, don't forget to invest in quality underwear and innerwear that will help support the weight of your belly.


Setting up your maternity capsule wardrobe for spring

Spring may still be a few months away, but if your baby bump has grown by then, preparing a capsule wardrobe for that season as early as now might just be a good idea. Erin of Earnest Home Co shares her maternity capsule wardrobe for spring 2016. She picked out a lot of neutrals and basic clothing pieces, so her spring 2016 capsule wardrobe is still relevant to this day. A good point to remember when building your own capsule wardrobe — go for classic pieces that won't go out of style.

Making your postpartum capsule wardrobe

The changes in your body won't stop at pregnancy. After giving birth, you may notice changes in the sizes of your chest, hips, and belly. Your body is naturally recovering, and dressing up can be a challenge. Take a cue from Natalie Borton who shares on her blog the items that she has on her postpartum capsule wardrobe.

We hope that you were able to get inspiration from these awesome women. If you have your own maternity capsule wardrobe, we'd love to see them too!


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