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Celebrate Self-Love this Valentine's Day

The world is a beautiful place because there are all kinds of love flowing from one person to another. That is why on Valentine's Day, you can celebrate not just romantic love but all the other forms of love that you experience every day.

Let the holiday be more than just a day for lovey-dovey couples; after all, not everyone is in a relationship. What anyone does have, however, is one's self. Celebrate self-love this Valentine's Day in a way that truly makes you happy. Show some self-appreciation and treat yourself for being strong and a joy to others.

If you don't know how to express love for yourself, here are simple ways that you can start.

1. Recognize that love is something you've always had within yourself.

You may think of love as something that you can only get from other people. Nevertheless, you should always remember that you are also capable of giving love, and this is because you have it within you. As much as it's a cliche, it's really true that you can't love someone else unless you love yourself first. So acknowledge that there is love thriving in the deepest part of your heart; embrace the truth that you have always had it in you.

2. Always express love for yourself.

Acknowledging that there is love inside you means that you should also be taking concrete actions to express it. Show your self-love by constantly reminding yourself of your best qualities. You can do a morning exercise every day wherein you face the mirror and tell yourself three things that you love about yourself the most.

Of course, focusing on your positive qualities does not mean that you are absolving yourself from the bad traits or habits that you have. However, by recognizing your best parts, you are able to love yourself more and be inspired to improve certain aspects of yourself.

3. Open yourself up to others.

Share the love that you have; don't keep it to yourself. Make life a little better for those around you. Kindness is a nice gesture of love, and it can make other people happy. Imagine how your simple ways could make the world a better place for others or how these could inspire others to keep going and to love themselves as well.

Love is so universal, and it encompasses a wide horizon. That is why we should also be celebrating different kinds of love every Valentine's Day. Do you have some self-love stories to inspire others? Share with us in the comments below.


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