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Like what people always say, life is short. It’s a truth that’s really hard to ignore especially with each day passing by almost in a blur. Bucket lists, however, are nice reminders that we shouldn’t always be all about work, school, chores, or any other mundane thing we fuss about on a regular day.

Where to get your bucket list inspiration

Creating a bucket list — and ticking off items one by one — sure adds fun and a sense of achievement. You may already have a few things in mind that you would like to put in your bucket list, but to help you make a bucket list that will really push yourself to do more and aim higher, you can take inspiration from these articles we found on the web.

The Great American Bucket List gives you 50 awesome ideas to try specifically in the US. Breaking down the activities that you should do and places you should go by region, it’s your ultimate guide to experiencing America on a different level.

From taking a road trip from Miami to Key West to trekking the Grand Canyon’s North Rim to being entranced by the northern lights in Alaska, you’ll realize that America has laid out quite an adventure for you. Some activities, however, may seem cliche and obvious, but adding a twist or doing them with a specific person will surely double the fun.

Top 25 Things to Do Before You Die, on the other hand, encourages you to step out of your comfort zone and explore different parts of the world. It suggests a mix of experiences that you should try — walking the Great Wall of China, diving with sharks, driving a Formula One car, and even gambling in Las Vegas!

Fun ways to create bucket lists

We also found adorable ways of creating bucket lists. These will definitely make the process of writing down your goals an extra fun activity. Do check them out and hopefully you’ll find something that suits you.


Young's Metal Bucket List Bucket, 7" Young's 6.25" x 6.25" x 5.75" Tin "Retired" Bucket List

Young's Tin Bucket List (Family Adventure)

Young's Tin Bucket List (Love Couple)

Young's Tin Bucket List (Ultimate Travel)

You don’t need to create a complete list in one sitting. Feel free to add things as you gain more life experiences. With a world as big as ours, there are just so many things that you could try and include in your bucket list.



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