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Gem Water: What You Should Know

Hydration is essential in keeping your body able and healthy. Without a doubt, drinking water regularly is a habit you need to maintain as it offers a slew of benefits including clearer skin.

Nevertheless, if you're looking for a more delightful water drinking experience, we suggest infusing your H2O with fruits or gemstones. Yes, you read that right — you can add crystals to your water pitcher, bottle, or dispenser.

Photo from VitaJuwel

Why you should drink gem water

In a nutshell, crystal infused water helps promote wellness, self-love, and good vibes.

Gemstones can act as water filters and purifiers. Shungite specifically is known to get rid of free radicals and contaminants such as oil, dioxins, surfactants, and others.

True enough, most people who have tried drinking gem water described its taste to be clearer, smoother, and sweeter than regular drinking water. Moreover, some people use the crystals in preparing tea and bath water too.

How you can get hold of gem water

VitaJuwel is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to crystal infused water. Their bottles have an impressive design, which allows for the gems to be sealed properly inside the gempod. This prevents the gemstones from scrubbing and being exposed to elements that could make them dull over time. Furthermore, this means that the gems don't have to be cleaned as they can remain shiny and bight in a span of years.



If you want a more affordable alternative, this bottle from Elixir2Go might suit you. It's also a great option for beginners who want to find out if crystal infused water is for them.



Also a great companion for those who are new to gem water is this book by Joachim Goebel and Michael Gienger. It tackles basic stuff such as the process of preparing crystal water as well as safety precautions.



Moreover, the book proves to be a comprehensive guide to over 100 usable crystals. It includes special mixtures plus their uses and effects as therapeutic treatments.


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  • Posted by Danielle Fritz on

    This reminded me of a book I got last fall. Dry read but informational and beautiful photography. Masaru Emoto proves how our thoughts, words, and feelings truly affect the molecules of water. Makes you really think. I avoid the microwave on my food/drink now just because of this book. http://amzn.to/2FDmtjm

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