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Decorating Your Dining Table with Candles

Candles can bring a sophisticated touch to your home interiors. You can place them in different areas in your house to serve as decoration in your living room, bedroom, and even bathroom. However, apart from complementing the look of your interiors, candles can also be used to set the right mood in a room.

For instance, lighting candles at your dining table can make the atmosphere feel romantic or relaxing. This is perfect if you’re having a simple anniversary dinner at home with your significant other or if you want to immerse in a calming environment after a hard day’s work.

Dinner candles are also be used in decorating venues. In such cases, these can add ambient lighting and also create an appropriate vibe.

Types of dinner candles

Candles come in various shapes and sizes, and they can be made from various types of wax. It’s up to you what tickles your fancy; just remember to choose candles that are non-toxic.

When it comes to the types of dinner candles, these three are your best options:


Pillar candles are known to have ample burn time. Replacement could be minimized because of this, making this type of candle sustainable and cost-efficient. Pillar candles come in various diameters and heights, and they can be displayed alone or grouped with different sizes to create a more personalized centerpiece.


If you’re looking for candles with certain elegance, tapers would surely appeal to you. Designed to be long and slender, this type of candle can add dimension to table tops.


Stick candles may seem like an ordinary candle, but this simplicity is what makes it one of the top choices. With regards to design, this candle type proves to be quite flexible as you can decorate it any way you like or to suit a specific theme.

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