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Different Types of Calendars

Calendars are often taken for granted especially in this day and age when you can have digital versions of almost everything on your phone, laptop, and any other gadget. Nevertheless, the convenience of having a physical calendar readily available for you to glance at anytime you need it cannot be denied.

And, let's face it, there are so many awesome calendar designs that would definitely look good complementing your desk or interiors. Here are just some of the most amazing calendars we've found for you:

Wall calendars

Here's a calendar that'll surely inspire you to realize your travel plans and visit your dream destinations this year.

You might want to hang this chalkboard calendar on your wall to ensure that everybody at home knows the important dates every month. With a section for to-do's and notes, this calendar can serve as the planner for the whole family.
The cute pastel colors and animal designs in this calendar will certainly make your room look stylish and pretty.
This adorable calendar is very apt since it's the year of the doggos. We bet all dog lovers out there would want to get their hands on this item as well.
And of course we also have something for the cat lovers!
Looking for some laugh? This wall calendar of memes is great to have for those times you need a quick pick-me-up.

Desk calendars

This simple and classic look will suit you if you want a no-fuss calendar at your desk.

If you fancy a little bit of design on your study or office table, this floral design will add the nice touch you are looking for.
Here's another dainty floral design if you're not so much into pink.
If you have other shades in mind, why not color your own desk calendar? It can be therapeutic as well reducing your stress especially when deadlines are looming.
Here's a nice minimalist alternative if you want a desk calendar that stands on its own.
And of course a floral version if vibrant colors inspire you!

Pocket calendars

If you want something that you can bring anywhere, a pocket calendar will certainly suit your needs. Don't you think this checkbook-sized calendar is pretty?

Pink and gold, anyone?
Here's a pocket calendar full of cats so you won't miss your furry animal so much.
This calendar looks perfect if you want something that looks simple and professional.
If the pocket calendar above looks too formal for your taste, this black and white minimalist design is a nice alternative.
Feel relaxed and inspired by this serene travel cover on your pocket calendar.
Found something that you liked? Feel free to click on the photos to know where you can get them.
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