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5 Reasons Why You Should Use Diffuser Jewelry

Many essential oils accessories have been developed in recent years, and a lot of these nifty innovations have made it possible for everyone to carry around their favorite oils wherever they go.

Nevertheless, the most fashionable essential oils accessory is probably Vitality Extracts' diffuser jewelry. Available in necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, these portable and stylish diffusers will surely change the way you use essential oils.

Benefits of diffuser jewelry

You may already know by heart the good things that you can get from essential oils, but here are five reasons why you should give diffuser jewelry a try:

1. You can bring and wear it anywhere you go.

Bringing a small pouch for your favorite essential oils can be a hassle sometimes. You have to allocate some space in your bag, and you need to bring out your essential oils kit every time you need a mood lifter. With diffuser jewelry, you simply have to wear your chosen accessory in order to enjoy the soothing effects of your favorite essential oil.

2. It makes the aroma of your essential oils long-lasting.

Applying essential oils on your skin is a common practice, but doing so doesn't allow the scent to stay for a long time. Oil is quickly absorbed by the skin, so you'll only find yourself re-applying after a few hours. Diffuser jewelry, on the other hand, keeps the aroma for a full day, and you only need a drop or two of essential oils.

3. You can use it as perfume.

With the fragrant and calming scent of essential oils, you no longer need to wear any perfume. Ditch your chemical perfume for the natural and fresh aroma of lavender, jasmine, or rose. Apart from smelling good all day long, you can save money from spending on luxury perfume.

4. You can get incredible savings on your essential oils.

As mentioned earlier, you only need to apply one or two drops of essential oils on your bracelet, necklace, or earrings. This minimal amount can last the entire day, sometimes even longer, so you can actually spend less on essential oils in the long run.

5. They can complement your style.

There are various designs of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that you can choose from; you can definitely find something that matches your style. They are very easy to pair with various outfits, so you'll surely have fun accessorizing with diffuser jewelery. Check out this blog post on our top picks for diffuser jewelry.

Diffuser jewelry can make you look and feel good; there's no doubt about that. Make sure to get a pair of earrings, a bracelet, or a necklace from Vitality Extracts!


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