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Time to Ditch Your Bra, Ladies!

Bras can either provide comfort and support or cause you a great deal of discomfort and frustration. Ultimately, it all boils down to the fit.

Finding the right size, however, can be a hit or miss. Brands may have different sizing, and certain types of bras may fit you more comfortably than others. Sometimes bras in general just don't give you the support you need for your breasts. This is when you may desperately resort to wearing sports bras. The practice isn't optimal, though, because sports bras tend to compress and flatten women's breasts.  

Good thing, Ruby Ribbon has a wonderful collection of non-bra alternatives that can also enhance your body shape (thanks to its shapewear technology!). Check out this amazing selection of demiette and cami, which we're pretty sure you'll be hoarding in no time.


Ruby Ribbon's Original Demiette is known for its thick fabric and molded cups, which offer sufficient support even without the wires. Ladies with larger busts will surely appreciate this as well as the thicker adjustable straps.

The cups easily adjust to the chest providing full coverage support. The Original Demiette is available in sizes 32 to 44.

The Original Demiette comes in adorable prints too perfect if plain intimates bore you.

There is also a pretty Lace Demiette version if you prefer a daintier look.


Another great alternative to bras is Ruby Ribbon's Cami. The Original Classic Cami provides smoothing and defined shaping, and as it also provides comfortable support, it can be worn without a bra.

The Original Classic Cami is loose at the waist by one inch. It's available in sizes 32 to 40, and it fits cups B and C.

Much like the Original Demiette, the Original Classic Cami comes in different prints as well. Best thing about it is you can actually wear them as a top! Moreover, Ruby Ribbon also has the Original Full Support Cami, which fits any cup size including C and above.


Of course, there's also the Lace Classic Cami if you want your undergarments to look more feminine. There's also the Lace Full Support Cami, which fits almost any cup size (C and above).

Nursing Cami

Ruby Ribbon is quite the thoughtful brand as they came out with a Nursing Cami. Breastfeeding mommas will surely find the one-hand clasp super convenient. It also has extra back support and a full belly coverage that wonderfully smooths and trims.

You can wear the Nursing Cami without a bra, and it will still be able to provide a firm yet comfortable support. This cami fits full figure or full-fit frames giving a comfortable smoothing and defined shaping. It supports almost any cup size including B, C, D, DD, DDD, F, G, and H.

So, are you excited to try these amazing intimates?


Gladdys Garcia

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