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5 Easter Basket Designs that Will Add Fun to the Celebration

Easter won't be complete without the fun and decorative baskets containing all kinds of candies and sweets. Easter baskets are pretty exciting to have during the occasion, and we're pretty sure kids aren't the only ones who enjoy these things.

Check out these awesome basket designs that we've found. You might like a couple of ideas and use them in making your own Easter baskets.

Tutu Easter Basket

Jamie of The Denver Housewife specifically made this Easter basket for her little girl. It may look a lot of work, but the process is very simple. All you need is a metal basket with a rim where you can tie tulle strips into a knot. Check out her blog to get the full guide.

Rainboots Easter Basket

This is just one of the crafty Easter basket ideas you'll find at Austin Moms Blog. It's also a very straightforward basket. You just need a pair of boots to be filled with all kinds of Easter stuff like egg chocolates, candy bars, and whatnot.

Truck Easter Basket

Kids will surely love a toy truck carrying all sorts of goodies. Tiffany of Making the World Cuter shares in her blog a few tips on how you can decorate the toy truck plus other basket ideas that she had done in the past.

Mini Easter Cheesecake Nest

Your Easter basket doesn't have to be just a basket. You could create a nest instead, and you could make it edible too. The Krazy Coupon Lady writes the recipe of this yummy and exciting treat on her blog so get your baking tools ready!

Mini Easter Waffle Basket

If baking cheesecake is not your forte, we've got you covered with this adorable and equally delicious waffle basket. Head to the Shaken Together blog to get Keri's recipe for this genius waffle basket.


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