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3 Easy Decorating Hacks to Make Your Easter Eggs Stand Out

There are countless ways to decorate Easter eggs in order to create a more fun and festive vibe for your party. The best thing, however, is the fact that you don't need to spend lavishly on materials or to allot a huge chunk of your time to make these crafts.

We have gathered three Easter egg decorating ideas that won't cost too much money but will surely bring something extra to your get-together. The materials needed are very minimal, and you don't necessarily have to buy new ones. You can search for something at home that could substitute any of these materials and feel free to use them instead.

Black and White Easter Eggs

You can never go wrong with black and white. If anything, these can even make your Easter decorations look more chic. That's why this idea by Obviously Mod is a perfect craft project for your Easter party. All you need is a black Sharpie to create bold and beautiful designs.

Geometric Easter Eggs

If you want a pop of color, feel free to use any hues that match your party theme and paint geometric shapes over your Easter eggs. Pastel colors would certainly be perfect for the spring season, but of course, this is this is entirely up to you. Becca of CAKE shares the step-by-step procedure in this article. Some of the materials she used are masking tape or washi tape, craft paint, and small paint brushes.

Nail Polish Easter Eggs

Finally, here's how you can put into good use those nail polish that you've been ignoring for a while now. And with just the nail polish of your choice plus water, you can have a unique design for your Easter eggs. Take it from the Little Inspiration blog and see what a simple polish could do.

Which of these creative ideas would you likely be doing for Easter? Share with us your thoughts on the comments below.


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