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12 EcoResin Accessories You'll Love

A quick Google about ecoresin will show you that this eco-friendly material is typically used to make architectural panels and that they are regarded for their superior mechanical and fire properties.

Ecoresin is basically a translucent, co-polyester sheet material, which contains a significant amount of recycled content. It's definitely a good material to consider if you're looking for green and sustainable solutions.

Nevertheless, ecoresin can be used in making accessories too. Check out these amazing collections from Color by Amber.


Perfect for bookworms and members of the Jane Austen Fans Club, this Pride and Prejudice-inspired necklace will surely make you want to add it to your cart.

Bookish Necklace - Pride and Prejudice, ($44)

Chokers are quite trendy these days, but there's no denying how adorable this moon pendant is.

Moonstruck Choker, ($39)

This necklace is a classy yet casual piece that you'd want to get your hands on.

Wishful Necklace, ($59)


This bracelet is truly a versatile piece, don't you think?

Believing Bracelet, ($69)

This black and white combo is simple yet striking.

Adventure Bracelet, ($39)

Here's a simple design with a color that'll surely pop amidst your outfit.

Icon Bracelet, ($24)


Looking for statement accessories? This pair of earrings might just be what you need.

Copy Cat Earrings, ($49)

Keep it fun, funky, and casual with these dangling earrings.

Lost and Found Earrings, ($34)

Something to wear with a long dress or a gown? This might just be it!

Indie Earrings, ($39)


Mix and match these skinnies or wear them alone, you'll still look stylish when you add these accessories to your ensemble.

Alchemy Skinny, ($16)

Ash Leaves Skinny, ($15)

Berry Coccoon, ($17)


Gladdys Garcia

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