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Essential Oils Make and Take for Newbies

Make and take classes are great in itself because you get to create a DIY project and actually take it home for you to use — case in point, essential oils!

But of course, make and take sessions can be so much more than that. Just think about all the ideas that are going to be shared as well as the new friends you’ll meet. This could even be a fun bonding activity between you and your besties, or it could also be an opportunity for you to try and learn something new.

If you’re new to attending make and take classes or if you’re new to essential oils, joining in this kind of activity will certainly open you to an incredible experience. Here are a few pointers so you could make it truly awesome and memorable.

Don’t be shy.

Participate in the activities and don’t be scared of making mistakes or embarrassing yourself. Essential oils make and take classes are usually organized and attended by really nice people who don’t bite, so you’ll definitely find yourself in the company of a supportive group who will happily share their secrets in using oils.

Do a bit of research.

You don’t need to come to make and take gatherings with an arsenal of knowledge about essential oils. However, it would be helpful if you at least know a few things about oils, so it would be nice if you could do a bit of research prior to the event. You could also save all your questions and ask away during the session.

Ask a friend to come along.

New experiences can be a lot more enjoyable if you have friends with you. Of course, you can always make friends at make and take classes, but feel free to bring a friend with you as well. The more, the merrier!

You can also try hosting your own make and take party for a whole new level of experience. Just remember these things to ensure a smooth and fabulous event for your guests.

Plan. Plan. Plan.

Much like in any occasion, planning is crucial. In order for your make and take party to succeed, you need to be able to settle things and then set them in motion. Brainstorm ideas on how you could make the activity more engaging. Also, having a specific theme would give your guests an idea on what they should expect. This will surely keep things interesting and exciting for them.

Get the word out. Invite people in.

Of course, don’t forget to send out invites about your make and take party. It could be just you and your closest pals, or if you have your own business, it could be you and your customers. Make sure that you are adequately prepared and equipped to handle the number of people you’ve invited.

Set the mood for everyone to relax and enjoy.

Setting the right mood is an important task when you’re the host of a party, and it’s the same with make and takes. A few things that could help set the mood would be the venue itself as well as the ingredients and materials for the session. Ensure that everybody is comfortably seated and the tables aren’t overcrowded. Playing appropriate music would be great too. Don’t skimp on the oils that your guests could use. Everything should be in reasonable or sufficient amounts so that they could fully enjoy the experience.


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