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Get Back on Track with Your New Year's Resolutions

More than a month has passed since you've listed your New Year's goals, and we hope that you were able to keep at it. However, if you have stumbled along the way and failed to make continuous progress, here are a few notes to lift your spirits up and inspire you to try again.

Forgive yourself.

Acknowledge your shortcomings while being kind to yourself. This is an important step when picking yourself up and starting over. Facing a few challenges is normal, and you should continue working hard to achieve the changes you want for yourself.

Find out what went wrong.

Of course, recognizing your flaws isn't enough. You have to do your part in improving yourself and turning the situation around. Take some time off with yourself and figure out why you failed to follow through with your resolution. Then, think of changes that you can make for the next time you try again.

Learn that perfection isn't the actual goal.

Manage your expectations and always aim for constant improvement rather than perfection. Perfection isn't always possible, and forcing yourself to attain it would only cause emotional stress. Focus your energy on realistic goals and on things that make you feel good.

Ask others for suggestions.

It doesn't hurt to seek advice from other people if you are finding it hard to accomplish something. You don't always have to do what they say, but getting a fresh perspective will help you overcome the challenges you're facing. Learn from their experiences and apply what you can to your own situation.

Re-assess your goals.

Take a look at your goals and determine if they really are worth pursuing. Perhaps, you need to re-calculate and set change the focus of your resolutions. Think about what you truly need to change. If a habit of yours is stopping you from progressing with your goal, you might want to work on that habit first.

Keep yourself motivated.

Find effective ways on how you can motivate yourself. It could be some sort of material prize or the simple thought of how better your life would be if you keep on doing your resolution. Think about your "why" and the good effects it will have in the long run.

Be optimistic.

When times get rough, remember to keep the light shining. Look back on how much you've been through and don't forget to show some self-love. Be positive that you'll get through any hurdle and continue being awesome!


Gladdys Garcia

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