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Graduation Gift Ideas for Him and Her

It's graduation season once again — a wonderful time for graduates to mark and embark on a new chapter in their lives. Whether they're venturing into college or the so-called "real world", you probably know one or two persons who are about to get on stage to receive their diplomas.

Of course, it would be a nice way to congratulate their achievement through a present. Thinking of what to give them shouldn't be so tricky; it shouldn't cost you so much money either.

To give you more gift ideas, here are 12 awesome things for various types of graduates.

Moving out to start a more independent life becomes more convenient with a sturdy luggage to carry their priceless belongings.

Eating healthy is important, and they'll be able to do this when they know how to prepare their own food.
More than adorable, this humidifier will surely help in creating a nice and healthy environment inside their new room.
College, graduate school, and work could mean a lot of sleepless nights or early mornings. Coffee is sure to keep them up ensuring that their tasks are accomplished.
Music can inspire and lift them up when the going gets tough, so having their own vinyl record player might just making listening to music more delightful and uplifting for them.
It's very easy to get stuck in paperwork. But by giving them a pair of nice and comfy walking shoes, they may always remember to step away from their desk and do a bit of exploring outdoors.
This will definitely keep their passport secure and stylish.
Preparing a yummy breakfast has never been this convenient.
A mini repair kit will certainly come in handy for anyone who's living alone. 
Don't really know which gift the graduate would love? A simple card with encouraging words will surely do the trick.
Never let them read in a dark corner. 
If they're staying with a roomie, this sleeping mask with earplugs will definitely a savior.


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