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A Guide on Choosing Your Wedding Bands

So you've said "yes" to the man of your life! A gorgeous and sparkling ring probably adorns your hand right now, and there are lots of things you need to start preparing for such as your wedding bands.

Before saying "I do" to the wedding rings suggested by the consultant at the jewelry store, here are a few guidelines that'll give you an idea on what to look for.

Set a budget

Always start with a specific budget in mind. You wouldn't want to go overboard and spend on something you can't actually afford. Be practical and choose something that's within your means. Get to know the different payment options offered in stores so you could work around the amount you have set. Also, keep in mind that embellishments like engravings and diamonds would add to your cost. Make sure to factor in any customization you'd like for your rings.

Narrow down your choices

You can trim your options by starting with the kind of ring you want. Do you want a band with embellishments or a simple one? Do you prefer the same metal as your engagement ring? Is it a must for your and your partner's rings to match? Take note of your answers to these questions as they will help you to not be overwhelmed with so much choices.

Mix it up and dare to be different

You and your partner may have individual styles, and it's important to acknowledge that. If your partner likes a platinum ring and you want yellow gold, then by all means choose whatever gravitates towards each of you. After all, there is no hard rule that says your wedding bands should match.

Think long term and consider its maintenance

It's your call if you want your wedding rings to be trendy. However, you should also look ten steps ahead and think if a certain style would be something you'd still want to wear after, let's say, 40 years. Consider timeless pieces but don't stress on it too much. Also, take note of the upkeep required by the wedding bands. Those with gemstones typically require more care than the fuss-free gold or platinum rings.

Make sure it's the right size

It can be tricky to find your right size because your fingers usually contract and swell due to various factors like heat, cold, weight gain, and water retention. To ensure the ring size that'll endure all these changes, make sure to schedule your final ring fitting when your body temperature is normal and you're relaxed. For instance, you should never finalize right after you've worked out (fingers swell from exercise) or when you're extremely hot or cold (this can cause your hands to expand or shrink).

With these information in mind, you can certainly pick a wedding band that fits and suits you.


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