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Guide to Making Your Very Own Autumn Hand Spray

Essential oils are pretty nifty. Mix them with other oils, ingredients, or even just plain water and you'll be able to create something else. Case in point, a hand spray!

You only need distilled water, four types of essential oils, and a trusty spray bottle (like this one) to have your very own Autumn Hand Spray.

How to make an autumn hand spray

Producing a bottle of Autumn Hand Spray involves a straightforward process. You simply add all your essential oils into the spray bottle. This formula is recommended to get the best possible blend of oils:

5 drops of cinnamon bark
5 drops of clove
5 drops of orange
5 drops of rosemary

Afterwards, top off the mixture with distilled water. Place the cap on the bottle and shake well. Easy peasy, right? Now, you have an Autumn Hand Spray that you can use every day.

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Citrus oils are photosensitive and can increase skin sensitivity to sun. Use caution when using any homemade skin products containing citrus in the sun.
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