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How to Pack Light for the Holidays

It's the joyful season once again. Aside from celebrations and get-together here and there, traveling is another item on everybody's list for the holidays. But with all the organizing and cooking that you need to do for parties, attending holiday events, and picking out gifts for family and friends, it can get a little extra crazy when you add your travel plans into the mix.

Packing light is sometimes quite difficult to attain since your packing list will naturally depend on the length of your trip, your destination, the activities you plan to do, and more. Nevertheless, we hope that the tips below could help you with your packing woes.

Choose a bag with limited space

This may sound counter-intuitive, but by allowing yourself only limited space to fill, you will likely be bringing along limited stuff as well. As much as possible, stick to carry on-sized bags or backpacks so that you can travel lighter and be able to move without dragging heavy suitcases around. Additionally, this will also save you from paying luggage fees on airlines.

Pack only your basic necessities

Make sure that you are only bringing clothes that you usually wear on an average day. You shouldn't pack clothes for every possible situation because this will only result in over-packing.

Decide on your suitcase essentials

It's always easier to pack when you have a specific color palette in mind. This way, you can easily mix and match your clothes minimizing your need to pack a ton of clothes. Sticking to three shades is most recommended, but if you want an even easier way, you can simply go for black, white, or gray outfits.

Pack for just one week

Traveling for two weeks or maybe even a month? Pack for just one week. This should be enough as you can simply wash the clothes you've brought and re-use them throughout your trip. Small and basic items like socks, underwear, and t-shirts can be hand washed.

Pack thin clothes, not bulky ones

You may think that the tips mentioned above is moot wen traveling in cold weather, but what you can do is dress in layers instead of wearing thick clothes. Packing multiple thin layers is more space-saving than packing bulky items like sweaters and jackets. Thermal shirts can also keep you warm, and you can simply add another layer or two if you're still feeling cold. If you really need to bring a thick jacket, simply wear it while traveling. As a general rule, wear all bulky items on your way to your destination. 

Don't get too stressed out with packing. Remember that the holidays is a great time to have fun and to relax. Happy traveling!


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