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How to Spend Valentine's Day when You're Single

Being single can sometimes be difficult especially on Valentine's Day. On a holiday that celebrates romantic love, it's easy to feel so alone and to dwell on the fact that you have no one whom you could go on a date with or be cheesy all over.

If you have just been in a relationship, the heartbreak and sadness might suddenly hit you hard and make you miss all the used-to-be. However, remember that you always have a choice — it's up to you if you will let Valentine's Day make you feel blue or take advantage of the occasion to have some fun as well. Who says that Valentine's Day is exclusive to lovebirds? 

Celebrate with your single pals.

Spend the day with other singles and have fun with each other's company. You can host a dinner or a sleepover party to celebrate your single blessedness — whatever floats your boat as long as everyone can have a good time. If anyone starts feeling down, cheer each other up and have tons of laughter all night long.

Find yourself a date.

No single friends? No problem. Perhaps this is a good opportunity to ask your long-time crush out for dinner. You can also find yourself a Valentine's date through your friends or dating apps. Don't be shy to make your move if you don't feel like spending V-day alone. There's nothing wrong or desperate about having your own dose of fun and romance too.


Go on an adventure and soak up in new experiences. Although traveling with your friends or family is a nice way to spend the day, there's also satisfaction in doing solo trips. Learn more about yourself and other cultures; make new friends. Who knows, you might also meet someone special along the way.

Shower yourself with love.

Do things that you enjoy. Treat yourself to a relaxing spa session, a glamorous makeover, or a festive night out. If you don't feel like socializing, you can simply stay in and pamper yourself with a DIY spa or binge-watch a TV series. Order your favorite pizza and have your beauty rest later in the night.

Start your own Valentine's Day tradition.

This isn't to say that you should give up finding true love and preparing yourself to stay single for the rest of your life. Embrace your single-ness for now and start a V-day tradition that will make you look forward to it even when you're not in a relationship. Create your own version of Valentine's Day by expressing gratitude for your life and by showing love to your family and friends. Make it not just about you but the people surrounding you as well.

Spend the day like any other day.

If you're really not into it, simply ignore Valentine's Day. Don't force yourself to participate in events that aren't fulfilling or meaningful to you; don't stress over it. Treat it just like any other day and you'll surely be fine. At the end of the day, you'll find that the most important thing is to feel good about yourself.


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