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How to Use Scarves as Decor

Scarves come in various sizes and colors, and you’re surely bound to find nice prints, patterns, and fabrics anytime and anywhere. Also, since they are usually inexpensive, it’s very easy to acquire more and more pieces until you finally realize that they’re starting to pile up in your home.

Instead of letting your old and unused scarves rot in your closet, you can try using them as home decor instead. Here are just some nifty ideas for you try.

Party banners

Throwing a house party or hosting a get-together? Use vintage scarves to jazz up your dining area. If it’s a kiddie party, you can opt for scarves with cute designs.

Table runners

Got a couple of long scarves with popping colors? They would certainly look perfect on your table as runners.


Make your own Anthropologie-esque pillowcase by sewing together two vintage scarves.

Wall Decor

Simply hang them up to add a bit of personality and color to your bare wall. You can even frame them for an instant artwork.


Tack a large scarf with interesting colors and patterns on your wall. This will surely make for a nice focal point in your bedroom.

Curtains or window treatments

If you're up for bohemian style, you can stitch different scarves together to create a curtain. This can also serve as a stylish room divider.

Sewing not your thing? You can use a single scarf as window treatment instead.

Got other ideas for your old, unused scarves? Share them with us on the comments section below!


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