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Laundry 101: Washing Winter Clothes

Laundry is probably not anyone's favorite chore, and it typically gets pushed back again and again until you finally don't have anything to wear. However, in the case of winter clothes, it can be hard to tell how often you should wash an item.

Moreover, garments with thicker fabric can be more challenging to clean if you apply the same methods and frequency of washing regular clothes. With this in mind, there are definitely special care and considerations to take note of when laundering winter garments.

Check out this simple guide on washing winter clothes.


Sweaters can be washed after two to five wears. Those that are made of wool can especially withstand five wears since wool is known to naturally repel dirt and dust. On the other hand, more delicate fabrics like cotton, cashmere, and silk are best washed after two to three wears. Don't forget to check the care instructions on the label as well. This will provide you with information on how you should wash the item.

Leather jackets

Leather jackets are pretty durable, and washing it once a season is already fine. However, to further ensure its good condition, it is best to leave its annual cleaning to experts. Be careful in staining your leather jackets, though. Products like perfume and makeup can sometimes form a stain, but you can prevent this by wearing a scarf. Nevertheless, if you've had the misfortune of getting a stain on your jacket, you can spot-clean this with a leather CPR.

When storing your leather jack, make sure not to put it inside a plastic bag or bin as this may dry out the leather and result in cracks.


Unless you're using leggings for your workout sessions, you can get away with washing your pair after one to three wears. The best way to wash this type of garment is by turning it inside out and using cold water; this method can help prevent pulling and fading.

Pants and skirts

Pants can go without washing for five to seven wears. However, fabrics like wool, velvet, and tweed are particularly tricky to wash. Dry cleaning them might be your best option if you have the budget for it. Otherwise, you can do this trick by owners of vintage clothing stores in order to deodorize your garments: Create a mixture of one part vodka and two parts water and use this to mist your garment.


For your everyday coat, you can have it cleaned twice a season to keep it from looking shabby. You can also get rid of surface debris on your coat with a stiff clothes brush and spot-clean collars and cuffs with mild soap and damp cloth. Additionally, make sure to hang your coat in an area where air can circulate so as to keep odors at bay.

Indeed, proper care for your winter clothes is necessary so that you can keep using them every year. Do you have other cleaning tips for winter clothes that you want to share? Let us know in the comments below!


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