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#Lets party!!! - Party or FUNDraise with us

Do you hear the word "Party" and grind your teeth? Trust me... I do time to time, I mean one can only own so many plastic bowls, lipsticks and candles right? That's whats so refreshing about Partying with Pi. It's unique, it's small, it's local and its all about YOU (or the foundation of your choice). Our boutique has such a wide array of offerings, this is something that everyone will want to attend and something that YOU will feel amazing about hosting. If you're curious keep reading.
         PARTY WITH PI              

We believe there is nothing better than shopping with friends. 

Which is why we offer a private shopping experience. We’d love to invite you and your gal pals to come out and shop with us all to yourself! These "Parties" are hosted on Saturday, Sundays or Mondays while we are closed to the public. This allows the boutique totally to yourself and your pact. We ask for a minimum of 6 guest and we will provide a small snack and bottle of wine, or other beverage of your choice. Your guest will snag 15% off, and you as the hostess will snag 15% of sales (pre-tax) to shop at your hearts desire. Please note that hostess credits are given after the party ends (typically within 48hrs) but you can shop that evening with the 15% off sale and keep adding to your hostess credits. What else? Of course you'll get our amazing personal service, any gift wrapping needed and we can also clean your jewelry while you shop. Cool right? Oh did we mention wine? There's wine too. 

FUNDraise with Pi  

Is giving more your thing? Us too! We don't think anything is hotter than helping others. #GivingisHot. 
Which is why we offer the option to FUNDraise with us. We’d love to help out the organization of your choice. FUNDrasiers are hosted on Thursdays since this is our longest day through the week (10-7) and allows a larger window of time for shoppers to stop in and help your cause. Once we select the date you just spread the word (we can create a flier for you too) and each time someone mentions that they are here for the FUNDraise we will donate 30% back. Not local? We can also offer an online FUNDraiser for 24hrs. Please note that FUNDS are sent out within 14 days. We do not donate cash, we can do an online donation OR check to the organization. 
Do these sound like something you'd be interested in? Lets connect.
937-436-3003 (Ask for December)


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