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Living a Healthy Life with Loose Leaf Tea

Drinking tea offers an array of health benefits. No wonder, it has been treasured in different cultures for so many years. Until now, tea continues to be a part of people's diet. Whether as a means to prevent illnesses or to lose weight, drinking tea has been proven to contribute positively to one's health.

There are various flavors of tea as well. Some of the most popular are green tea, black tea, chamomile tea, ginger, cinnamon, raspberry, and chai. Each of these types of teas are known for specific health benefits. For instance, green tea is said to be capable of boosting metabolism.

You'll also find other signature flavors or combinations made exclusively by brands. With these wide range of options, you can be sure to find something that will suit your taste and make tea drinking even more delightful.

Why loose leaf tea

You can find two general types of tea in the supermarket: teabags and loose leaf tea. Teabags are more commonly sold everywhere, but loose leaf tea has been gaining popularity too.

Lots of tea drinkers have been recommending to ditch teabags for loose leaf tea because the latter is said to be so much better. One reason why this is so is the lower tea grades used in teabags such as dust and fannings.

These dust and fannings are usually smaller pieces of tea, which means they have a larger surface area and their essential oils evaporate more quickly. This makes the tea taste dull and stale due to the dissolved flavors and aroma.

A loose leaf tea, on the other hand, means that the tea leaves can absorb water and extract more flavors, aroma, minerals, and vitamins.

How to brew loose leaf tea

Brewing loose leaf tea involves a different process. Here's a nifty video on how to properly brew tea.



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