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Lucy Libdo Says... There's an Oil for THAT!

Lucy Libido initially started with a simple Valentine's Day project in mind, which aims to feature essential oils that can be used between the sheets. However, finding that there were no sources for the topic, she sought help from a focus group composed of women. This eventually grew into a Facebook community of over 10,000 ladies who help each other by providing information that could strengthen or rekindle their relationships with the person they love the most.


Due to the demand, the Lucy Libido class has been restructured into a book — a guide for women to using essential oils in the bedroom.



Although the topic is a bit of a sensitive matter, Lucy Libido has effectively managed to add humor and make the tone of the conversation friendly. The author uses comical metaphors without blurring the essence of the book.

Lucy Libido Says... There's an Oil for THAT is definitely loaded with useful information and practical tips on increasing pleasure during sex. The best thing about the book, however, is that these tips come from different women and are based on a variety of experiences. You'll get to know varying perspectives and have access to lots of essential oil recipes for him and for her. Moreover, there are also helpful diagrams on where to apply the oils. The book is certainly a comprehensive reference, which makes it a must-buy.

Tips and tricks from Lucy Libido herself

Essential oils can be used in different ways and for different purposes. In an interview with revolutionoils.com, Lucy Libido shared a few tips on the best ways to use essential oils between the sheets.

1. Lucy Libido's most recommended oils are Cyprus, Ylang Ylang, and Clary Sage (get your essential oils here).

2. Cyprus is known to increase blood flow, which plays a huge part in all of these and makes things more exciting. It is best applied on the inner thighs.

3. Ylang Ylang is kind of a mood setter as it inspires feelings of love. It can help you and your partner to feel good and comfortable.

4. Make sure to dilute the essential oils on your forearm before applying them on your inner thighs. You can start from your mid thigh up to your panty line. Essential oils can also be applied below the navel.

5. There are oil blends that are mild enough to be applied on your private parts. Check the recipes that you'll be using and carefully read the instructions.

Want to know more about which essential oils to try? Take our exclusive Lucy Libido class this February! Reserve your slot now by going to this link: bit.ly/2BT9U1H


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