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Mantra Bracelets that Uplift and Show Your Personality

Mantra bracelets are everywhere these days. You've probably seen a friend or two wearing nice metal bangles where uplifting and inspiring words are engraved. These may easily come off as regular statement accessories, but they're much more than that.

Deciding on a mantra, whether for a certain day or for your life in general, can bring so much positivity. A mantra is a word, phrase, or sound that you personally choose and repeat during meditation. It helps in your concentration, and using it enables you to fill your mind only with positive intentions and actions.


By wearing a bracelet or a necklace with your chosen mantra engraved on it, you are constantly reminded of your personal motivations. This can help you lead a more joyful, positive, and happy life.

Getting to know Metal Marvels

Most of the mantra bracelets you've probably seen are of the dainty style that uses "lady-like" language. However, we all know that not all women like to use "nice" words.

People have different ways of expressing themselves, and various kinds of languages can be used for motivation — for instance, cursing.

Fuck Your Body Standards Bangle ($25.99)

The story behind the brand Metal Marvels is just that. Katie, the founder of Metal Marvels, found that a lot of the mantra jewelry available in the market were too "boring" for her taste. To her, they lacked the boldness that perfectly reflected her personality. And so she created these mantra bracelets where expletives are used to empower and motivate people.

Live a Fuck Yes Life Bangle ($25.99)

Relationship Status: Busy Getting Money ($25.99)

Listen to her whole story here:

Still want the regular?

Of course, if you're still into the regular mantra bracelets, MantraBand is a good shop to check. They have a wide range of elegant bracelets that uplift and promote optimism and mindfulness.

Metal Marvels also has a nice collection that you can check out. Their "I Am Collection" features simple phrases that can empower you to assert the personality or character you want. However, the more amazing thing is that for every purchase from this collection, five percent of the sale will go a specific charity or organization.

I AM HOPEFUL ($25.99) - donates to Women's Empowerment

I AM STRONG ($25.99) - donates to Spectrum Youth Services

Getting these inspiring bracelets will not only lift you up but others as well, and isn't that a great thing?


Gladdys Garcia

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