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My Intent Project

We have recently started making these bracelets in store because we were so inspired by the meaning behind it.

Founded by Chris Pan around 2014, MyIntent Project was molded through the sole and simple mission of spreading positive energy around the world. It began as Pan’s side project, which encouraged people to think about their purpose in life and to express this in a word or two.

Engraved on a circle with a string, the chosen word then serves as a reminder of what people aspire for or what is ultimately important to them.

Pan initially made and gave these bracelets as gifts to friends. However, a nice plot twist happened when one night he met Jay-Z at a club and made him a bracelet with the word “educate” and the initials of his Sean Carter Foundation.

The rapper was moved by the story behind the bracelets Pan were making, so he invited Pan to make these bracelets at the Grammy’s brunch that he was hosting. It was in this event where Pan made a bracelet for Kanye West with the words “beautify”, which the artist wore on his cover for Time 100.

This naturally paved the way for Pan’s bracelets to reach a wider audience, and the rest, as the saying goes, is history.

The humble beginnings of MyIntent Project is truly inspiring, and this is the reason why we at Pi Style Boutique have set aside a little corner in our store for some bracelet-making.

We are inviting you to come over and share with us what drives you to continue doing your best in your life.

What’s your word?


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