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The Oola Life: Reaching Your Fitness Goals

One of the most common New Year's resolutions that you'll hear from people has something to do with fitness. Even if it's already half past the new year, you'll still find some of your friends or yourself expressing desires and plans to live a more active lifestyle and to be more physically fit.

This is a great thing because everything starts in your own realization that you need to make changes with regards to your physical health. Being fit will certainly make you feel good about yourself, and it will help you live a more balanced life.

In fact, fitness is one of the seven key areas of life (commonly called the "7 F's" — fitness, finance, family, field, faith, friends, and fun) which make up Oola, a lifestyle based on the international bestselling book, "Oola: Find Balance in an Unbalanced World".

Nevertheless, it's not uncommon to see people stopping mid-way into reaching their fitness goals or not being able to begin at all. This is usually because of an issue with time, motivation, or resources to name a few. Momentum Fitness sums these up in their article, "Top 5 Fitness Barriers".

And since fitness is an important facet of your life, we have a few tips to help you achieve your fitness goals so that you could be one step closer to having a balanced life.

Decide on a specific goal

Don't be vague and simply say, for instance, "I want to lose weight." Be specific about your goal and define the ways in which you plan to do it and tackle challenges along the way. If you have tried losing weight before and didn't succeed, consider where things might have gone wrong. It could be that you were working out at the wrong time of the day, you felt intimidated by the various types of gym equipment, or you felt demotivated most of the time.

Zero in on the problems you were having and come up with solutions to overcome these hurdles. Perhaps you might want to try waking up an hour earlier so that you could squeeze in some exercises, asking the gym staff or doing your own research to know the proper use of equipment, or hiring a personal trainer even for just the first few months to have someone supervise and recommend a routine that suits you.

Don't completely deprive yourself of the foods you like

In his article, fitness blogger and personal trainer Theo Brenner-Roach talks about the importance of eating a wide variety of food and getting all the nutrients that your body needs. He also points out that the best diet is the one that makes you lose weight without sacrificing your nutrition or making you crave certain foods.

He says that it's okay to include pizza, doughnuts, and burgers in your diet as long as you eat only the right amount. Knowing your daily calorie allowance and macronutrient breakdown will help you make room for these kinds of food. Furthermore, restricting certain food items will only make you want to eat them more until you can no longer resist. Next thing you know, you're over-eating pizza, doughnuts, and burgers.

Hold yourself accountable and use technology to your advantage

If you're an office person, it can really be hard to follow through with your fitness plan. You'll sometimes get caught up with work and find yourself too exhausted to do your usual exercises. In her article, personal trainer 


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