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The Oola Life: Making More Time for Your Friends

Keeping in touch with old friends gets harder as you get older. A lot of things often get in the way making it difficult to carve out some time for them. Work alone can take up most of your busy schedule, not to mention the responsibilities you have at home that need to be prioritized.

Having a social life can be even more challenging when you're already raising your own family that going away for a trip with your friends would sound a bit impossible. Nevertheless, your friends are amazing people who deserve your time as well. Make an effort to catch up with them every once in a while so that you can get to keep them for life.

If you're dealing with so many things at the moment — we get it, we all have places to be and to-do's on our lists — remember that balancing your time is always the key.

Much like what the international bestselling book "Oola: Find balance in an Unbalanced World" says, you have to work on creating a balance among the 7 F's in your life: fitness, finance, family, field (career), faith, friends, and fun. This way, you can live a happy and fulfilling life.

Here are a few things you could try to ensure that you're making enough time for your friends.

Put it on your calendar

Plan it out with your friends and block the date on your planner. This way, you can track your appointments and ensure that nothing will get in the way. Treat it with as much importance as you would a business meeting that cancelling would be unacceptable.

Keep it low pressure

It doesn't have to be out of town or in some trendy bar or restaurant. You can keep it simple by inviting your friends over at your house. Hang out after work or during the weekends; ask them to bring some drinks, order in food, and maybe even sleep over.

Pay for it in advance

This will keep anyone from suddenly bailing out. Sign up for an activity you want to try and pay for it ahead of time; you can also check Groupon and purchase a voucher for a restaurant or spa service. Paying for something in advance will make it harder for you or anyone in your group to cancel or postpone your get-together.

Go on a lunch date

Lunch dates can be easy to pull off when your friends work near your office. Instead of holing up in your cubicle even during break time, why not spend some time away from your desk and enjoy a hearty meal with your best pals?

Call up a friend as you multitask

Pick up your phone and call a friend to chat about what they've been up to the past week. You can easily do this while preparing meals for your kids, waiting for the laundry cycle to finish, or tackling any chore you have at home. With the kind of technology we have these days, there is just no excuse to not get in touch with your friends.

How do you make time for your friends despite a busy schedule? Share with us your thoughts on the comments section below!


Gladdys Garcia

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