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These Pendants Will Bring Endless Love and Mindfulness in Your Life

Yogis would surely love this new collection of mindful jewelry from Mala Prayer. Not only do they look pretty and stylish, these accessories can bring you endless love and mindful energy too.

But with a wide range of designs and styles to choose from, we totally understand how you can have a hard time choosing your faves. So here's a list of the top six pendants you might want to get (these were suggested by Mala Prayer, by the way!).

Luna Pendant (Balance)

Made from rose quartz, the Luna Pendant is a beautiful stone that amplifies love, balance, and tranquility in your life. You simply can't go wrong with this choice as it bring you the energies you need for a balanced mind, body, and spirit.

Destera Pendant (Confidence)

Give yourself an extra dose of confidence with the Destera Pendant. This beautiful agate stone is known for enhancing security and confidence, which are essential to live a balanced life.

Ariel Pendant (Communication)

The Ariel Pendant is another excellent option as it is crafted from turquoise, which is often considered as "the mastering healing stone". This pendant will boost your sense of integrity and truthfulness, and it will enhance your communication and inner wisdom as well.

Celeste Pendant (Inner Wisdom)

The Celeste Pendant is also made from turquoise, but white. Its elegant look would certainly fit your chic yogi style, but with its energy promoting inner wisdom and an additional dose of protection, you would really want to wear this all the time. 

Rohana Pendant (Passion)

A natural red stone, the Rohana Pendant is the perfect jewelry to wear if you want to add some passion into your life. Whether it's with a new hobby or your hubby, this stone will definitely make your days lit with confidence, passion, and energy.

Jetta Pendant (Protection)

Just as you can't go wrong with black, you'll surely end up with a classic piece when you get yourself a Jetta Pendant. It's crafted from obsidian stone, and it is believed to be a great source of protection, absorbing and removing any negative energy lurking in the shadows.

It's really nice that you can customize your mala beads with your chosen pendant. It makes meditation more personal and closer to your intentions. Have you picked out a pendant yet? Let us know in the comments below!


Gladdys Garcia

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