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6 Amazing and Practical Uses for Used Coffee Grounds

If you're drinking coffee regularly, disposing of used coffee grounds is probably one of your biggest concerns. It seems like a huge waste to just throw them all away, so here are six practical tips on using old coffee grounds.

1. Add coffee grounds to your compost

Using coffee grounds as part of your compost means extra organic matter and a faster decomposing process. Coffee grounds are known to be excellent green matter since they are rich in nitrogen. Additionally, they can make your compost more attractive to beneficial worms. If you're worried that you have put too much coffee grounds in your compost, you can balance it out by adding brown matter such as twigs, dry leaves, straw, sawdust, corn husks, and newspaper.

2. Coffee grounds absorb food odor

Used coffee grounds can be used to absorb odors in your fridge or freezer, just like the good ol' baking soda. Simply fill a small lidless container with coffee grounds and place it at the back of the fridge. Leave it for a couple of weeks. Then, when it's time to take it out, toss it into a compost pile or use as fertilizer.

3. Use coffee grounds to fertilize your garden

If you're growing azaleas, camellias, hydrangeas, roses, rhododendrons, and other acid-loving plants, you might want to use old coffee grounds as fertilizer. Simply mix the old grounds with brown leaves, dry straw, or dead grass clippings to neutralize some of the acidity. Then, spread it around your plants. Used coffee grounds provide nitrogen and potassium to the soil, and they also boost magnesium, which is needed by plants to stay healthy.

4. Old coffee grounds can deter pests

Slugs and snails aren't fond of coffee grounds, so adding a handful of grounds around the bases of your plants will surely protect them from these unwanted creatures. If you think that the coffee grounds will increase the acidity of the soil, you can make a solid ring of grounds farther away from the base.

5. Used coffee grounds can exfoliate skin

Old coffee grounds do a great job at exfoliating skin, so you might want to add this to your skin care routine. You only need to mix the used grounds with a bit of warm water or natural oil (such as coconut oil). Scoop a good amount and scrub your skin from head to foot. This will definitely remove the icky dead cells on your skin.

6. Use old coffee grounds as cellulite treatment

Yes, you read that right. You just need to combine used coffee grounds and warm water. Then, scrub this mixture onto the affected areas twice per week. You should be able to see some results within four weeks of steady treatment.

These are pretty amazing alternative uses for old coffee grounds, don't you think? 


Gladdys Garcia

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