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5 Ways You Can Relieve Holiday Stress

The holiday season is almost always synonymous to merrymaking. However, with all the parties, get-togethers, and reunions, it's also a time when anxiety and stress are at a high for some people.

Try observing yourself. Are you giving in to your sugar cravings or reaching for a drink more often than usual? Of course, this may simply be due to the countless parties and dinners you're attending (it's pretty hard to resist sumptuous food), but it may also be a sign that you're experiencing heightened stress.

To avoid developing stress-induced habits that you will surely regret later on, you can try these techniques to relieve your holiday stress.

Plan ahead

Do your gift shopping and party preparations early. Figure out the best time to hit the mall — ideally when it's still not too far away from the holidays but less people doing their shopping as well. This way, you can pick out gifts that you've carefully considered and not just because those items are the only ones left. Alternatively, you can opt for online shopping if going to the mall filled with so many people really stresses you out.

Manage your expectations

Of course, there will be times when things will suddenly go wrong no matter how much you've planned. Don't beat yourself for it and try to balance your expectations. Keep in mind that everything doesn't have to be perfect. Otherwise, you'll only worry and be disappointed by the smallest things.

Take a break

Don't force yourself to get things done right away and make sure to take short breaks to relax yourself. Meditation helps during these times, and visualizing your goal will help you stay focused and have a better outlook. Doing these things can easily lift your mood alleviating any stress you're feeling.

Make sure you're not doing too much

While the holidays is a season of being generous with your time, make sure that you're not over-committing yourself. Be realistic about your current responsibilities and weigh every factor before volunteering to help in organizing a party or attending dinner. If it turns out you can't do your part or you can't come to the event, it'll only put unnecessary strain on yourself and inconvenience others.

Make sure you're not overspending

Take time to create a reasonable budget and stick to it. Find the best deals that you can get, or if you're unsure if the recipient will like your gift, remember that your thoughtfulness is what really matters to your friends and loved ones.

Do you have other tips for managing holiday stress? Share with us in the comments below!


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