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Spartina 449’s New Prints for Fall 2017: Mystic Mermaid

Spartina 449 has been recognized for its beautifully crafted handbags and accessories. Its products are designed with sophistication, and they are also created with the rich history and coastal beauty of Daufuskie Island in mind.

Spartina 449’s trademark consists of the seamless combination of linen and leather as well as the colorful patterns that tell of Daufuskie Island’s timeless tales.

This fall, Spartina 449 is introducing another lovely collection that will surely add an enchanting appeal to your style — the Mystic Mermaid.

Mystic Mermaid was inspired by the magical stories of sea maidens. Known for their captivating beauty and endearing voices, the lore of mermaids has continued to fascinate people. In Daufuskie Island, these mystical creatures are known for being elusive and protective of the southern islanders and its visitors.

Here’s a sneak preview of the four patterns that are featured in this collection. Each pattern embodies the mermaids of Daufuskie Island making every design meaningful and special. As the days go by, we’ll be discussing each of the patterns so do watch out for our upcoming articles.






Gladdys Garcia

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